July 6, 2021

Developing an open MLS API

*This is a living document for the project

About the project

One of my priorities for the next year is to build a better understanding of API development. As is common with junior developers, I continue to find myself in tutorial hell - repeating the same principles in different languages and frameworks - which limits my ceiling of knowledge. To escape this cycle and build on my foundation, I have decided to embark on a personal journey of developing an API that serves data concerning Major League Soccer.

Sports analytics has taken off in the past half-decade and access to data has become a limiting factor in terms of exploration and study. The soccer world is dominated by a few companies charging thousands of dollars for access with no pathway for students or those looking to dig in as a hobby. While these services are top-notch and provide exactly what clubs around the world require, there is a space that can be filled for those not making front-office decisions.

I am hoping this project can help fill that void.

Developing a database scheme